Thursday, June 1, 2017

Socks, Slippers and Friendships

I have a nice array of colorful washcloths/ dishcloths for Charity and as gifts.  As I was knitting them up, I thought that it would be lovely to make cotton slippers for the family.  So, my dear husband suggested to make pairs for his sister and sister-in-laws.  Well, that seems doable, but which pattern to use???
 Luckily I remembered that Julibeth (one of the knitters extraordinaire at The Knitting Garage in Rhinebeck and whom I am lucky to call my friend) has been knitting slippers as gifts and she has three favorite patterns:
It is so nice to pick someone else's brain and to have knitterly friends. For the cotton I have been using (Lili Sugarn' Cream ), the Simple Garter Stitch Slippers pattern seems to be the best fit and so I started.  The first one is done (it really is a very simple pattern; so clever!!).  I love the pattern and the finished slipper.  It is nice and sturdy and looks so cute on my foot, that Tony thinks I ought to keep the first pair.  I also learned a new British saying "Bless your little Cotton Socks" ( a term of endearment) and I got a foot-massage :)!



I also finished Tony's Anniversary Socks 

I had some help finishing the socks
 Yarn:  CoBaSi by Hikoo
Pattern:  Tom and Ethel Socks (free)
My friend's dog feels right at home with my knitting

One pair done , one more to do

I started on my socks which will be reversed in color:  Brown with Blue stripes


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