Thursday, June 29, 2017

Steeking with Ann Budd

Last Friday I took a class with Ann Budd

Let me start by introducing Ann to you.
Here is a fun interview with Ann Budd for those of you who are not quite familiar with her work.
This was just earlier this year.  The interview starts at about 45 minutes into the podcast and is approximately 20 minutes long.  She talks a little about her knitting path, books, sweater constructions, illusion knitting (! remember my Illusion Knitting last year: the "Don't Blink" hat) and knitting workshops.

The workshop took place at The Perfect Blend Yarn shop in Saugerties, NY

I have always been intrigued by steeking  which is the vertical cutting of a knitted garment (between your stitches, not between your rows).  This is often done in a fair isle pattern as it is easier to knit multiple colors in the round and the result is a more even gauge.  I have just not been brave enough to try it on my own.  So, when I saw the class advertised I had to jump at the opportunity.

The project to practice with was a simple coffee cozy  

First there was homework

There was a little "Show and Tell":
One of the participants brought her hobby horses

made from a pattern from Ann's book

The sweater Ann is wearing is "Lulu" and the cardigan she is holding up is "Quick Sand"

The set up for the nine participant class was very good.  Everyone could see Ann's life demonstrations on the big TV screen.

And she came around the room checking on everyone, giving an encouraging "atta girl" to anyone who needed it.



In no time at all we secured our stitches


And inserted a zipper
The three hour class left everyone inspired and happy (the snacks and wine Mary provided probably helped with that, too ;)

I would definitely like to take more classes with her.  Her instructions are clear and given with patience and a good dose of humor.  Thank you, Ann Budd, and thank you, Mary Ebel, for bringing her to your shop in Saugerties!

Ann also took time to sign books :)


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