Thursday, August 21, 2014

What's on my needles (week 31)

At The Knitting Garage at AL Stickle

The Glacerie Shawl is finished !!!
It is on the blocking mat now and I will post more pictures next week.
Using the Sport weight/ Light combination and working the large size it came to 70" across the top edge and 24" at the deepest point.  I doubled it on the blocking mat.
We have the pattern and yarn at The Knitting Garage and I can't stress enough that it is a great pattern to use up left-over yarns in fingering/ sock yarn weight.  Then you only need to match up your left-overs with a yarn for the Main Color.

At Home

Matt's All-in-One

Here are all the pieces :)
I knitted high speed on Matt's all-in-one.  When I was on the last piece (the second half of the hood) I was getting worried that I had not enough yarn left, but much to my relief I did and all the pieces are done.  Now on to sewing them together.
One half of the hood done one more to go

A Gift from Heaven Shawl

I have also continued on the Gift from Heaven Shawl.  It doesn't look like I have done much more, but at almost 600 stitches per row it is going a little slower.  Even so I have only six rows left to knit!

I just test knitted rows 24-27 of the Petals Chart, because I couldn't figure out how the math could be right.  Well, I can now say that it isn't.  Yes, in row 26 you do knit and purl six stitches into the five YO's of row 25.  You will have 27 before and 27 (not 26) after your YO5 in row 25 and before and after your k1,p1,k1,p1,k1,p1 in row 26 and before and after your YO, k2, YO in row 27.  After all, this is a symmetrical pattern...

Chevron Tank Top 

I am also working on a tank top.  When I got the yarn and pattern a silver (rocket) gray seemed like a good choice, but right now the color does not inspire me to pick it up too much....It is supposed to replace a favorite grey tank top which I seem to wear year round.
This is a top up seamless construction starting with a picot seam.  As I am between the smallest size and the next one up I followed the advise of JaneEyre9 on ravelry and since I am using the same yarn I did not do a gauge swatch.  Well, I am always ready to tell everyone about the importance of doing a swatch and I should have listened to my own advise as the tank top seems a tad wide.  Nevertheless I will keep going just making it a bit longer so the widest part will sit on my hips which will work nicely (of course now I am not sure if I have enough yarn)...another project to start speed-knitting to put my mind at ease or get more yarn...

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