Thursday, November 6, 2014

What's on my needles (week 41)

At The Knitting Garage

The Sophie Bag store sample

It has been busy at the store (a good thing!), so I did not get so far with the bag.  Still, I finished the bottom and started knitting the body of the bag in the round.  This is the point when I will start incorporating the Noro yarn for some fun stripes.


I am having fun knitting basic socks with two ladies.  Both are new to sock knitting, but their socks promise to look and feel great.  I remember knitting my first pair of socks and how daunting it seemed, but how exciting when you hold that very first pair of socks in your hands.  I have knitted nine pairs of socks (plus one single one for the store)  trying out different methods and I am in the process of knitting pair #10 and #11.  You can see them here : Doris's socks
Please remember that if you plan to come for just one session of the four session class, you need to be at the right part of your sock. 
The next session is Saturday November 15th from 1-2:30pm "start the heel flap" and you will need to have finished your cuff by then.

I am using Matthew's socks in my sock knitting class; both cuffs are almost done

Beginners knitting Class
The simple fingerless mitts class on Saturday November 15th  and Wednesday November 19th is a great beginners knitting class with no prior experience required.  You will learn the basics and will be on your way to finish your first small project you can wear with pride.
The Saturday class is almost full, but I may schedule this class again soon if there is enough interest.

At Home

I finished the i-cord edge around one armhole on the Chevron Tank.  It is coming along, but I must admit that I am not having fun with this and it has become the project I am least likely to pick up.
I told myself that part of the reason for this is that it is the time of year when I should exclusively knit presents...
one i-cord edge done ...
... however I must admit that I cheated.
I blame it all on a friend of mine who cancelled our afternoon get-together.  Well, I had dinner already in the slow cooker, did not want to work on the Chevron Tank, could not work on the socks for class as I needed to start the second cuff in class, could not work on Tony's socks since I am keeping that project as a nice easy one to knit  when we are having company this weekend, so I had to start something new and the scarf in a scarf kit which I had bought at "Knitting Addiction" on the OBX last month was calling out to me...

an easy knit in pretty Fall colors
just finishing the cuffs on Tony's 2-at-a-time toe up socks

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