Thursday, January 7, 2016

What's on my needles (week 97)

 Tullamore by Emily Ringelman (click on the link to get to the pattern on ravelry)

With the holidays and gift knitting behind me, I picked up the "Cullimore" cardigan again and am happy to say that I finished the sleeves.  Now the only thing left are the fronts and finishing :)

The back and sleeves are done

Aurita by Susanna IC  (click on the link to get to the pattern)

I also started on a shawl I had promised a friend of mine a while back (last Spring!). 
I am so glad that I am finally working on this and am making good progress.  The pattern is "Aurita" by Susanna IC.

I have gotten the pattern down pretty well and am using a little trick.  Each 12 row pattern repeat gets one bead added on each of the RS rows.  I line up my 6 beads in groups of 2 and know that when I pick up the first of two, I will M1 (or later in the decrease rows k2tog) and end with k1, YO, k1.  When I pick up the second of the two beads I end the row with k1, k2tog.

More than half done!

Etheral by Evelyn A Clark (click on the link for the free pattern)

I also started a shawl for myself which I am planning to take with me later this month when I go on a road trip with my husband.
Lately I have been wearing a lot of BIG, WIDE, RECTANGULAR shawls. I made two in neutral colors:  The Rosebud Shawl by Iris Schreier and the Wrap to go by Zelda ThreeOhFour. (click on the links below the pictures for more pattern information on ravelry)
Rosebud Shawl

Wrap to go

I totally fell in love with the Etheral shawl when I saw it in the Skacel vol. 8 2015/2016 booklet.
The Cascade Wave with its long color run seems a good match for this pattern and I was drawn to the gradient blue/ grey color.

Since the yarn is heavier 200g for the 874 yards (two balls), and as I am a tight knitter I am using a needle size 6. The yarn is a little bit “splitty” at first, but after getting used to having to be careful it is not too bad.
This is a great pattern which is free to boot, but watch out about a couple of points:
  • The repeats in the written instructions don’t match up the repeats in the chart. Also in the chart for the beginning and ending borders, it should say “8 stitch repeat” NOT “6 stitch repeat”. 
  • There is also a small errata to the numbering of the stitches in the Chart 2- Center Body& Borders. The left border should start with 64,65,66 etc (66 is missing and the left border is 20sts, the right border 21 sts and seven 6 st repeats in the center (21+6x7+20=83)
  • If you are like me and put markers between each 6 stitch repeat, you will have to move your markers over in row 5 and row 13 following the chart instructions, but personally I still prefer having the markers even if I have to move them over every eighth row.
Other than that- once you are working the center body and borders-, it is easy knitting following either the written instructions or the chart.

Cowl/ New pattern in progress

Last not least I started to write a new pattern for a cowl using two colors of the Lana Grossa Lace Lux.  This is a 67% Viscose, 33% Virgin Wool blend with a lovely sheen.and comes in many pretty colors.  Stay posted, I am planning to have the pattern written out within the next two weeks before my road trip.

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