Thursday, January 21, 2016

What's on my needles (week 99)

My bags are packed, I am ready to go; I am leaving on a road trip...

I am taking three easy projects, one of them the "Ethereal Shawl"

Tony and I are leaving on a road trip to the Florida Keys this morning instead of tomorrow, trying to bypass the storm...
I will check in with all of you after I get back in February; I may post some things on my facebook page while on vacation, so you may want to stay connected with me on :  

Knit With Doris /Discover Your Inner Knitter 

I do have a parting Valentine's Day gift for everyone:


I published my pattern "Tides" on ravelry and it is available for free until February 14th   <3

After that date it will be still very reasonably priced at $2.99.  A LOT of work and thought and heart went into writing it...

Here is the link and a few pictures.  I think that you do have to be logged into ravelry to get to the pattern.

TIDES by Doris Formby 

I am quite overwhelmed by the  positive feedback; after less than 12 hours this pattern had 380 likes, 16 comments, is in 68 queues and Dreamer08 on ravelry started her own TIDES project!


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